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    Fish Island Properties Limited are beginning the new year with a SALE OF SORTS! All of our COMMERCIAL UNITS have just been REDUCED IN PRICE BY 10% MAKING FISH ISLAND AN EVEN MORE FINANCIALLY ATTRACTIVE PLACE TO RELOCATE!! With the 2012 Olympic preparation continuing in ernest, it will not be long before the world's focus turns to this small nook in East London and the increased interest we are receiving is reflected, so please register your interest with us quickly!! Do not hesitate to contact us on 020 8281 9102 or 07771503747 to discuss your requirements!

    With the presence of the Channel Tunnel Rail Link, the Olympic Park, the Docklands expansion and the Jubilee Extension, the City is fast extending into Stratford and the surrounding areas. One of which is Fish Island, which through the recent global credit crunch has been seen to present a unique opportunity. Analysts (Dr Angus McIntosh) have realised, that Fish Island is somewhat shielded from the wider macro-economic forces operating on the UK property market, due to the presence of several large catalysts focusing in the East London area (1).

    The nearness of the 2012 Olympic Park (45 metres from the Omega development (at the closest points)) is providing the opportunity to set new design and building standards in this redeveloping area. It is also providing a minimum of 9,000 (2) new jobs locally and is utilising billions of pounds of investors money, which is being used to transform the East London infrastructure in-line with the Government aim to turn East London into one of its 'key growth areas' (3).

    In addition to the public investments being made, Fish Island is also seen to have become a focus for private investors, being acclaimed recently to be 'one of the the most exciting residential investment prospects in Europe.' (4) Experts are now predicting, property prices in the areas close to the 2012 Olympic Park, will increase at least 5% FASTER PER ANNUM than the rest of the UK property market (5), making this the perfect time to relocate to Fish Island! Whether to live or work, your move will prove to provide a strong investment opportunity!

    Fish Island is the jewel in the crown of regeneration, offering high quality living standards. With the beautiful river views offered by the Hertford Union Canal and the Lee Navigation (river), in addition to the close proximity to the historic Victoria Park, Hackney Marshes and good local amenities - this area offers you the best of Inner London life!

    Fish Island is well connected within an inclusive transport infrastructure; as well as having over four hundred free, designated parking places in the streets surrounding the main 'developed areas'. With vehicular access almost directly off of the A12 and less than a fifteen minute walk to Stratford International, Hackney Wick and Pudding Mill Lane Stations, both the City and Docklands are easily within reach.

    With the proposed addition of forty thousand new homes to the Lower Lea Valley area in the next twenty years (6), business opportunities seem ripe within the Fish Island area. Omega Works stands a ten minute walk from Stratford High Road and already has walkway access leading directly from the Olympic site, which will hold in excess of a thousand of the area's proposed residences, ensuring business's locating in Fish Island will have access to a huge potential audience. In addition, due to the location of our Omega Works and Wick Lane business units, companies moving into these developments will also benefit from an on-site captive audience from over four hundred and twenty residential units.

    New operators in these developments have already been seen to benefit from the high quality complex and well connected location (feel free to contact us for testimonials). With nearly all the ground floor units being purchased off-plan prior to construction being completed, the time to contact us is now if you are looking to benefit from everything these developments have to offer.

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